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A Life in The Day of Nick Stafford

September 3, 2016

Nick Stafford

Senior General Manager

My primary role is General Manager of the Hare and Hounds and this takes up most of my time, I have a fantastic team who deputise for me when I am away on other business around the company or having time off.

The first two tasks in the morning are, walking around the outside of the pub, we have a large outside area and car park that the general public use when we are closed and litter is the bane of my life, then the cellar which is prone to flooding.

Once all good I check the cash and paperwork from the day before, prepare any banking and check the days trade ready to brief the team who arrive between 10 am and midday. I always have a catch up with kitchen team on duty and we chat through any issues or ideas. I am a huge believer in having as good a relationship with the kitchen crew as the front of house. We are genuinely one team.

I may then be off to a meeting or to sit on the NPC interview panel during the daytime, if not I work the bar at lunchtime. I love this as it’s the primary greeting point for customers arriving and I can see every table from here and like to think am in control totally of the service.

In the afternoon it’s paperwork time, I may do the following weeks rota, review the website, spend some time on the many events planned throughout the year or have some interviews planned. Its my couple of hours I use to feel I am on top of everything that needs to be done and do some forward planning too.

Boxing Day 2014

If I am finishing at 6pm then it’s family time, I have a wife, a son and 2 dogs to catch up with. I may well pop down for a pint with some of the locals during the evening at some point and to see how things are going. Often I would be working till about 9.30/10pm when again I spend most of my time working behind the bar.

On my days off I like to go for breakfast with my son followed by a big dog walk then perhaps a family outing in the afternoon and then a game of squash at about 6pm then by a well earned beer or two then a movie.

I try to lead by example at all times and be there for my team to confide in, we are generally a pretty happy ship. Having been here for a long time I am free to help elsewhere around the company and hopefully be a confidant and advisor to some of the other GM’s and chefs.

It is a rewarding position, very hard work but the pride I feel in my team and pub makes it all worth it.